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Our energy services help relieve stress, relax tired muscles and bring things back into balance. Energy work is now commonly used by many traditional healthcare professionals and in hospice settings. It reduces pain, clarifies purpose and relieves depression and anxiety.


    • one half hour – $30

    • one hour – $60

    • one hour and thirty minutes – $90



Polarity Therapy

Balances and aligns the poles of your energetic system, brings clarity, helps rid heavy emotions (great for depression), leaves you feeling uplifted and purposeful.


Reiki is a light touch healing modality that restores vital energy to your body by bringing it into balance. Reiki energy is both subtle and powerful. Reiki will open your mind, body and spirit. Reiki calms and relaxes the body which helps to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Reiki helps with physical pains and stress caused by injuries or strains.


Intuitive information received about you offering insights, new perspectives, empowering & enlightening

Crystal Work

Re-discover the ancient way of healing through crystal therapy. Experience the balancing and healing power of the crystals as they amplifiy your health and wellbeing.

Angel Card Readings

Connecting with your guides and angels allows you to receive divine support and guidance to aid you on your personal, professional or spiritual journey. 


Shambala is a gentle, non-invasive hands on or hands off healing technique. The effects of the energy, may be either subtle or profound, responding to the needs of the individual’s unique situaion.

Shambala healing energy is an expansion of universal life force energy that provides harmony and balance for wellness, allowing your own natural self healing to occur, which helps to relieve the effects of pain and stress.

Chakra Clearing – 20 minutes

In a busy world, let’s get it done fast. This work has clear and strong intention. It’s a quick energy tuneup.