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Information received about you offering insights and new perspectives. Ask for guidance with challenges you may be facing. (health, relationships, career, etc.)


    • one half hour – $30

    • one hour – $60

    • one hour and thirty minutes – $90


Channeling/Intuitive Readings

Intuitive information received about you offering insights, new perspectives, empowering & enlightening

By heightening my senses, I gain information about you in ways that are beneficial. Offering new perspectives and insights about your personality, profession and purpose. This information brings understanding about your life and how our threads are woven intricately together, thus revealing answers to unexplained fears, relationships, repeated behavioral patterns and soul’s purpose in life. This understanding gives us power to create our lives with meaning and quality.

Card Readings

Have you ever wished you could call upon and receive Divine guidance immediately? Well, now you can, through your very own Angels. All you have to do is ask.

Intuitive Couples Guidance

Relationships are constantly changing. Learn how best to easily move and grow with these changes. Gathering information about fears, tendencies and patterns can offer insight about how best to give and recieve love in your partnership.


Houseclearing is like energetic house cleaning. Low vibrational energies can get caught in certain places in your home. Let me raise the vibration of your environment and see how good it feels. Any unwanted spirits can be addressed as well.